Where style meets quality

Our team is comprised of passionate and knowledgeable individuals with deep roots in various facets of IT and our primary focus is front-end technologies.

Our mission is to organise and present SME's content and make it universally accessible to increase customer engagement. High quality in all segments is the leading principle for our activity.

We help clients grow, optimise, innovate and protect businesses. Our services include the creation of websites & intranets, ISO 9001:2015 certified translations, technical audits to improve accessibility, page load speed enhancement, customer analytics, search & social optimisation, and the adherence to ethical guidelines and W3C compliance rules. We are experienced in drafting and implementing procedures and routines to ensure compliance with these rules.

Equant provides services across a broad spectrum of industries, including IT, healthcare, consulting, metallurgy, law, tourism, finance, equestrian and real estate. We build lasting relationships with our clients by combining thorough business understanding with a technological expertise.

Equant London