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Since opening the first datacentre in Paris in 2003, our hosting provider hasn't stopped innovating in the design, deployment and maintenance of its server hosting infrastructures. It now counts a total of 20 datacentres around the globe, including 2 which are among the biggest in the world. The company has successfully completed a global datacentre concept, maintaining full control of variables and demonstrating unique expertise in high availability, security and energy efficiency.

We guarantee a tier Ⅳ classification for our hosting with an availability of 99.995% and 0.8 hours of interruption per year. This is the highest level of guarantee that a datacenter can provide. This datacentre category is fully redundant in terms of electrical circuits, cooling and network. This architecture can withstand even the most serious of technical incidents without server availability ever being affected.

Compliance with international standards

Our hosting provider:

  • is certified ISO 27001::2005 for providing and operating dedicated cloud computing infrastructures
  • is based on the ISO 27002 and ISO 27005 security management and risk assessment norms and associated processes
  • has obtained SOC 1 and 2 type II certifications for 3 datacentres in France and 1 in Canada, which certifies the security level for Dedicated Cloud

Record ecological achievements

  • 98% of Equant hosting rooms are free from air conditioning
  • Water cooling enables 70% of heat emitted by the processors to be dispersed
  • Air cooling evacuates the remaining 30%
  • Energy costs halved
  • PUE of between 1 and 1.2: constant reduction of datacentre energy consumption

Equant has been hosting your data for 15 years and special attention is paid to keeping it safe and secure. In order to guarantee you the highest level of security, we have carefully set up effective equipment, as well as an arsenal of best practices at all levels of our organisation and infrastructure, so that the availability, integrity and confidentiality of your content is fail-safe.


All access to the premises of our hosting provider is strictly monitored. To prevent any intrusions or hazards, every boundary is secured using barbed-wire fencing. Video surveillance and movement detection systems are also in continuous operation. Activity within the datacentres and outside the buildings is monitored and recorded on secure servers, while the surveillance team are on site 24/7.

In order to control and monitor access to the premises of our hosting provider, strict security procedures have been put in place. Every member of staff receives a RFID name badge which is also used to restrict their access. Employee access rights are reassessed regularly, according to their remit. To access the premises, employees must hand in their badges for verification, before passing through the security doors.

The datacentres have an even higher level of protection, as only authorised personnel can gain entry. Installations are strictly for our own use.

Fire risk
Every datacentre room is fitted with a fire detection and extinction system, as well as fire doors. Our hosting provider complies with the APSAD R4 rule for the installation of mobile and portable extinguishers, and also has the N4 conformity certification for all our datacentres.

Our hosting provider deploys its fibre optic network across the globe. Hardware at the cutting edge of technology is selected, installed and maintained by in-house teams of engineers.

The network enables an impeccable quality of service to be delivered to all customers, regardless of their location, with a bandwidth capacity of 3 Tbps in Europe and eventually 8000 Gbps in North America, as well as a connection on 33 peering points across 3 continents. The company has also chosen to build its network in a totally redundant manner - multiple security measures have been put in place, so as to eliminate any risk of failure. The redundancy of links will also enable your data to take the shortest path and thus benefit from minimum latency.


A human presence is provided in the datacentres 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, to guarantee that the servers are constantly maintained. In the event of a technical incident, they will react immediately to ensure that your server is repaired as quickly as possible.

Some of the server ranges are also equipped with double power supplies and double network cards, so that the infrastructure is redundant from end to end.


All dedicated hosting services include protection against all types of DDoS attacks. Three 160 Gbps anti-DDoS infrastructures have been set up in our datacentres.

What is CDN?

CDN consists of a group of locations around the world, which redistribute your server content locally and cache files that don't need to be updated regularly, using rules set by you.

This basic principle, supported by the latest innovations and the hosting infrastructure and network will allow you to boost and optimise your international websites.


Using the CDN is essential if you want to reach users around the world, either for downloading files, or deploying websites and web applications.

If international targets matter to you or your customers, the CDN has the advantage of speeding up page loading times (response time), improving user comfort, securing your data, improving SEO and reducing your bandwidth costs in each target country.

Your ROI (Return On Investment) can be very short from the moment you or your customers stream any contents internationally.


An indispensable addition to all your international sites.

  • More security, speed and user comfort.
  • SEO optimisation for each country.
  • Reduced hosting costs and faster ROI.